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Why Do I Need A Developmental Editor?

The satisfaction of completing a manuscript you've spent months on is a feel-good moment for every author. While it's important to joyfully celebrate this accomplishment, remember that there's still more work ahead, which should include hiring a developmental editor.

But what is a developmental edit?

This type of edit takes a broad look at the overall manuscript. A developmental editor's job is to enhance the content and structure of writing, thoroughly analyze your manuscript, and address major issues such as pacing, structure, setting, and character development.

And it is important to note that this is a challenging aspect of the revision process and can be uncomfortable for the author. Every author should anticipate some level of change to their manuscript. Although your developmental editor won't enforce their suggestions, being receptive to their ideas can assist in reaching the goal of a well-written story.

Valuable feedback from a skilled developmental editor like those at Restless Hearts Publishing may involve suggestions to relocate subplots, remove chapters, or even eliminate secondary characters. However, the author should remember that the main goal of developmental edits is to improve the overall quality of the story without altering its essence.

It should be clarified that, when working with a developmental editor, grammar issues are not their main priority. They are primarily focused on the big-picture elements of the story. Grammar will be addressed during the next stage, the copy edit.

Understanding the nuance of developmental editing on your manuscript will guide you in making the necessary enhancements. So take time to celebrate your accomplishment, and when you're prepared to start the developmental editing process, we'll be here to join you on the journey. Together, we'll strive for the optimal outcome of your exceptional story.

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