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Author Services


Looking for a developmental edit? Or maybe a line edit? With reasonable prices that won't make your bank account shed a tear, we can help.

Book Covers & Advertising Graphics

The wrong cover can ruin a perfect story. We specialize in romance and fantasy covers.   We offer premade covers or custom design services.

Website Design & Maintenance

A website serves as an important base for readers to find your books across all vendors and connect with you. It also provides you with ways of producing multiple streams of income. But regardless of what you're looking for, we can design and maintain the website to keep your to-do list at a minimum.


Your story is good to go in the editing department. Now you need it to look good on an e-reader or print but aren't sure what's the best way to do it. Or you'd just rather just move on to the next book and let someone else handle the little details. Either way, we've got you covered.  


You just want someone to do a quick read-through of your first chapter and make sure it's headed in the right direction. Don't worry about how rough it is, we'll just work together to make sure it's grabbing the attention of the reader so you can wrap up that manuscript and take it to the next step.    

Office Support

Are you looking for someone to help with sending out newsletters or making regular social media posts? Maybe you have a promo coming up and want to submit your books to email promo sites like Bookbub or BookCave. We've got you covered. 


One last look at punctuation and spelling while catching any other last-minute errors.


Are you new to the business? We get there's a lot to learn, and it's hard when you're trying to do it all alone. With ten years in the industry, we've had both triumphs and made our share of mistakes. Now, we want to reach out and help others by sharing our knowledge in 1-to-1 consultations.

Book Trailers

Book trailers can be useful tools to catch the reader's eye. Rather you are looking for a video to advertise a single title or an entire series, we will put together a trailer that will set the reader's expectations for the feel of your story.


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