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As indie authors ourselves, we came into an industry we didn't truly understand with one goal: to tell stories that would touch the hearts of readers. We quickly learned that, while the goal is perfect for an author, we had no idea how the business side worked. After over seven years of listening to too many voices, throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall (and hoping some would stick), we finally learned how things worked and understood that, too, is always changing. 

In 2022, Robin and Susan began working on some of Susan's covers together and a quick friendship formed. As they talked, they decided to start a publishing company for their titles and, more importantly, to help other authors avoid the pitfalls they had fallen into. With that goal in mind, they decided to offer quality author services at low prices, knowing firsthand how expensive it can be to launch a successful project, and Restless Hearts Publishing was born. 

So welcome! We're glad you're here. Now don't be shy - reach out to us. We love to help dreams come true!

Meet the Team

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