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What is a reader magnet and why do I need one?

A reader magnet is a free piece of content offered to readers in exchange for joining a mailing list or following the author on social media and is a fundamental strategy for authors to grow their audience.

A reader magnet is an important part of marketing for an author as it not only helps in building a direct communication channel with readers but also adds value to their experience of you as a writer.


Building a strong newsletter mailing list is crucial for authors to connect with their audience on a regular basis. A well-crafted reader magnet can be the key to attracting more subscribers and potentially more sales.


The reader magnet should be something that truly interests the reader, and authors should be open to experimenting with different ideas to find what works best for their audience. Reader magnet ideas can range from offering a short story related to the book or series, providing exclusive content that's not available elsewhere, offering sample chapters, or giving out discount codes for books.


Once the reader magnet is created, it's important to actively promote it. Mentioning the reader magnet in the back of the book and placing newsletter prompts on the author's website are excellent ways to encourage sign-ups.


Our consultants at Restless Hearts Publishing can assist you in creating a compelling reader magnet that will be uniquely yours and can significantly help your ability to build a stronger mailing list. Let's collaborate to engage readers and create something special. We can’t wait to get started!



Susan Berry

Restless Hearts Publishing

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